CUEK #900 CUEK #900 CUEK #900 CUEK #900 CUEK #900 CUEK #900 CUEK #900 CUEK #900 CUEK #900

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Happy 900th comic! Sorry I've been quiet lately, I usually love to respond to people but I've been taking an extended mental health break from the internet so all I do is schedule comics and look at cats. Thank you so much for reading as always, yall are the best and I hope you are hanging in there, much love

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Comments (7)

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    the cats have fused. also how did you find two uphea masks in the nuclear apocolipse

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    Cute I love it! This should be an actual kids book.

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    Hi, I read your comic from nearly the beginning, maybe year two or so. I guess we're more or less in the same age, and despite living in Germany, there are so many parallels to my own live, I feel somehow connected. When I as younger I could relate to the "emo" tone and topics of the comics, and now, having become a father apparently at the same time as you, I can find myself and and the topics in my life in the new strips again. It might not be my favorite web-comic in terms of deep stories or high quality images or whatever, but no other one did I follow for so long time and feel so connected and made me smile so frequently. Thank you so much!

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    Hey, first time commenter, but I've been a reader since 2014. Congrats on the 900 comics!
    You do amazing work, and legit always bring a smile to my face! Love your stuff man, you inspire me to do my own comic too! Hopefully I'll start that soon haha...ha.....*cries*
    Anyway, you're awesome

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    Maybe it's the age that's talking and I'm getting more sentimental, but today's coming (almost) brought tears to my eyes...
    Thank you for all the wonderful comics all these years, have been following them since the beginning! Will forever be a fan!

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    Congrats on 900

  7. Comment Hidden

    Thank YOU for 900 wonderful comics! You always bring a smile to the start of every day.