CUEK #338

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    A scythe brings you live, time and death while people tear you down

    idk that sounded better in my head. Most things do

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    ...says the Foreskin Paladin

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    Doesn't this happen even without the machine

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    Steve's face in the 4th panel..

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    Just finished reading these for like, 8 hours almost nonstop, these have been amazing and funny, with some feels, i really like this 😀

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    frank is by far my favourite character, keep up his weird antics enzo!!!

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    :cheer: I've read all of cyanide and happiness, and all of your comics, as well as a shit ton of other comics and I can honestly say CUEK is by far my favorite. I will be checking back regularly for more awesomeness from King of the internet Enzo!

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    Hey Enzo, been reading your comic on and off for the past few years. Honestly, I've always believed that truth can come in many forms, some spiritual, some silly, and sometimes in between. I think you give a lot of truth here, even without always trying. Basically, what I'm trying to say, is that CUEK is masterpiece. Maybe there are deeper books, and greater illustrations out there, but I think true art is about putting your soul into something, and that takes sincerity. I can sense that in CUEK, that sincerity. Your comic feels like it's alive, because you gave it life. Anyway, I don't know why I had to tell you all this lame stuff, I'm sure others have said it more eloquently, but thanks for doing this.

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    I got a great idea for a horror game from my dream before.
    Sounds like I must have had a horrible nightmare, right?
    I played like this really weird Amnesia mod where you had a shotgun in it and thought "This game is great" still in my dream. Yes, even in my dreams I play games.
    And then I woke up and though of something to not make it sound like total crap and worked on the original story from the dream one. I hope I can make it a real game someday.