CUEK #580

Episode Commentary


a couple of people have asked me why i have been making a lot of relationship comics recently, which is a departure from the comics i used to make. this may come as a surprise to some, but my secret is that i don't know how to write -- i just steal ideas from things that happen to me. in the past i drew a lot of angry and sad comics because it reflected how i felt at the time. which is why nowadays you're getting comics about being happy and fat.i've been drawing these dumb things for nearly a decade now and want to thank you for accompanying me on this weird journey. much love!

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    Soooo did you really put coins in a canadian strippers ass? o3o

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    So those strips about Red were based on a true story :O

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    I dunno why but i've been Reading your comics for the pasta two or three years, probably because they're good. Even though you might've changed a bit during this time i still like your style.
    So keep doing your stuff because that's what we want to see/read imho.