CUEK #859

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    Have you ever heard the one about the doctor treating a guy's tapeworm? A guy walks into the doctor's office, saying "Doc, you gotta help me get rid of this tapeworm." The Doctor says, "Fine. Pull down your pants." "Huh?" "Trust me." So the guy pulls down his pants, then the doctor shoves an apple up the guy's butt. After he stops screaming, he asks, "What are you doing?!" The doctor again replies "Just trust me." Then he proceeds to shove a cookie up the guy's butt. He then tells the guy to come back the next day (after pulling his pants back up, natch).
    [when telling this joke you basically just repeat it for day 2, pants down, apple shoved up, then cookie shoved up, pull up pants, come back tomorrow]
    On the third day the guy is obviously hesitant, but the doctor assures him this will be the last treatment. So pants go down, apple gets shoved up, but then instead of continuing the doctor picks up a mallet, and waits.
    A few seconds later, the tapeworm sticks his head out of the guy's anus and says, "Hey! Where's my cookie?" [Make big hammering motion] BAM!