CUEK #262

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Time for some irresponsibly paraphrased nerdy history.

Netscape Navigator was a highly popular internet browser that was enjoying majority browser usage share at its peak in the mid 90's. By 1995 however Microsoft had stepped up its game and introduced Internet Explorer 1.0 as an addon to Windows 95 . The #1 difference between the two browsers: Internet Explorer was free.

Microsoft began bundling IE with each successive Windows release, and within a decade had brought Netscape down from maybe 80% browser usage share to maybe 10% by 2001. Internet Explorer would go on the dominate the market for the next decade.

What ever happened to poor old Netscape? The company Netscape was acquired by AOL in 1998, but the browser share continued to drop. 2007 saw Navigator usage at less than 1%, something not even their final 7.0 release could help counteract.

I like to think that Netscape never really died. In 1998 before their acquisition by AOL, Netscape funded a group of their programmers to develop open-source versions of their all their software. After the acquisition, however, AOL distanced themselves from the group, so they left to form an organization that would allow them to continue their work. That company is known as the Mozilla Foundation. Yeah, the dudes who made Firefox.

Yeah, you can dress it up in pretty colors and give it a bad ass name, and give it years and years of development so it looks nothing like the intial product, but Firefox is always going to be Netscape to me.

Never forget Netscape 1994-2008

Source: I had a class in college that taught us about this stuff and it was actually interesting enough to keep me awake. Also Wikipedia to refresh the memory

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    The best part is the message that pops up when I start to copy/save the image. All your comics. Very clever. Glad I stumbled into your site

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    It's still got to be better than airline food, right?

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    It's even creapier with the eyes ._____. god... don't add color as well!!

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    I've been reading these comics for some time now, and I noticed many other online comics using kickstarter to make collections of their comics. It's just an idea (and I realize the interactive comics might be a bitch) but I would definitely donate if you tried this.
    - A Person

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    Omg the nightmare client!!! I'm like that but trying to find out how it works... >.< =)

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    Hehe. Talking from experience Enzo, or have you been spending too much time on "Clients from Hell"? 😀

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    Unearthed Comics

    OMG- Can you read minds? Hahahaha. This is perfect. I have had a few of these clients. And IE... perfect for Halloween! Nice one.

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    That is the single most awesome thing I have read today. I had no idea what happened to Netscape but never really imagined something like that. I had no clue that AOL funded open source software. That is outright spectacular. [Using Mozilla Firefox 24.0]

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    This is the reason I keep myself to print-related works and doomed any web designing from my services.

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    I love your comics 🙂

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    Keep up the good work, I've been reading your comics for such a long time now, I'm a really big fan :rockon: