CUEK #223

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    The greatest comment section of all so far. And not one mention of what is actually happening in the strip.

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    Seems like a win to me

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    i know a guy who calls his butt chin the great shit on his face. all the ladies love it. i`m somewhat jealous

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    I have a butt chin, and as a woman it is a manly, manly curse.

    However, I like to think of it as a second set of boobs.

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    No gnomes.

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      I have to say I'm a little disappointed by this. I had already named their species "Cleft Gnomes" and concocted an elaborate backstory that explains their origin. The Cleft Gnomes were a miniscule race of leaf-wearing vegan hunter-gatherers (their primary source of sustenance being the vicious Saber Root Tuber that prowls the surrounding savannahs). For as long as any of them could remember they enjoyed the natural comfort and safety of the Fissure in the Great Chincliff that they had made into their home. Off just over the horizon, past the Dark Forest of Stubble, north of the Gaping Maw, and nestled between the two great Cavernostrils to Nowhere, however, the jealous Molemucus Tribe sharpened their snotspears. The relative peace the two villages had endured for many moons would soon come to an end. How, or why, would remain to be seen.

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    meh, I have a slight cleft chin, it's just an indent in the jaw bone at the chin. Nothing really special about it, just makes it slightly more difficult to shave.

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    I have a butt-chin.I like to consider it as my sexy touch.