CUEK #795

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Comments (6)

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    that bonus panel tho

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    This reminds me of a baby animals pic group I used to be part of. It was fascinating to me how so many of the members would ooh and aah and coo over photos of adorable puppies, kittens, whatever, but the one time someone posts a photo of their baby interacting with a puppy or something, they were all, "OMG! EWWWWW!!!! Take this picture OFF!!! Babies are GROSS, and I refuse to allow my eyeballs to endure the sight of that disGUSting creature with the fwuffy wuffy wittle puppykins beside it." And then the flamewars would start....

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    Chris P. Bacon

    the portrait panels and the slightly cut of images makes me think the window is docked to the side which annoys me on a daily bases 🙂

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    M. Hikari

    Well , people are just prefer to denying the truth of "Human are animal ,too." (Partly because people like to "feel they are better and is on a higher level (of the step of "living creature") than animal . Partly because some people link this "treat people like animal" idea to slavery (Which....depand on how you slice it , it's not half wrong.)
    So , they don't like the idea of "see some other human as a animal"

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    From now on baby's will be known as Skincreatures