CUEK #226

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    I went to Edmonton earlier this year, my first time in Canada. My boyfriend and I were tricked into going to a "peeler bar" and had the same question about whether or not you can give strippers loonies and toonies. We were told you throw them at the strippers and win prizes based on how many hit the target. We thought they were kidding. They were not. We won a magnet.

    P.S. They do really give you a target, mind you--one just had a pitcher she put between her legs but another one had a key hanging from a chain connected to her hoo-ha. You can see it in her picture on the magnet she gave us. They also have this big magnet on a pole which they use to pick them up from the stage. We had no idea.

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    You know... I'm kinda badly surprised, Enzo. when you came back last time you said (can't find the damn post, any help?) that looking back you don't think making a strip about Rihanna getting hit by her boyfriend was classy, and now you're making a series about... family violence? Come the fuck on, while getting hit by your BF isn't exactly fun, the dumb bitch chose her own boyfriend. If that comes from your family though, it sucks. Big time. You can't do anything about it and you are being hurt by the last person you'd expect. Fortunately I'm not a victim of that, yet some of my family relations have gone bad enough that it's easy for me to imagine what a person who experienced that must feel reading this.

    I understand that sometimes when making jokes you don't think twice (I'm known for that myself :D), but trust me. You can cheer yourself up after a bad breakup, but not after family shit. Sorry for spoiling the fun.

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      Hey machete, don't be sorry. That's completely valid. I chose to pull down the Rihanna strip after all those years because I realized I didn't feel like I knew enough about her situation to pass judgement. So how is making a joke at her expense different from making child-beating jokes? Not a lot, really.

      We all have different points at where we draw the line, and I'm sorry I crossed yours.


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    The object changes but not the content. (:

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    Looks like a win to me.

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    I'm still waiting for someone to smack Zeke. Does that make me a bad person?

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    Thank you 2GAG! I cant believe this site is finally being updated daily again 😀

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    Ah. Game of Thrones books.