CUEK #413

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    Enzo r u a Christian

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    'Lil Ham

    Sorry for not analyzing the previous post, turns out that eating pure paper for over two weeks tends to overload you with fiber...*ahem* I'll just stop there.

    Now, since this is only my second post with this purpose, I will go ahead and do a bit on both Sue and Steve, and then I will get into the comic proper- and a proper understanding of these two key characters will help us analyze each comic better!

    Now, as we learned from "The Path of Persistence," the Steve we see in the comic is drastically different from how Steve was originally, and we also know that he (and Sue, incidentally) are both Asian from the comic "Yellow Fever." It is a well known stereotype that Asians are pushed to excel in academia by their parents, to the point of them becoming obsessively perfectionist in order to please them. Also, the color blue, which is practically synonymous with Steve in this comic, is commonly seen as representing stability, trust, and loyalty. HOWEVER- Steve only BECAME blue in "Path of Persistence" after he wins Sue's parents, and starts dating Sue. He puts on glasses and the blue tie at the very end of that comic.
    I believe that Mr. Enzo uses Steve to put a twist on the common stereotype mentioned previously, in that instead of working hard to please his OWN parents, he does so to please Sue's. He was a mess after she left him, and so he worked desperately hard to show both her and her parents that he was had value as a person. Thus, he is deathly afraid to lose that perceived value, because he thinks he'd lose Sue as well. This is why he changes his hair, starts wearing glasses, and, most importantly, begins associating with the color blue- he wants to be seen as stable, dependable, and reliable, even though, in reality, he is incredibly vulnerable, as shown by how gingerly he talks with Sue: "Whatever you want honey." "Only if it's OK with you."

    Sue is a bit more complicated of a character. She represents the color green, which can be interpreted as meaning harmony and growth, OR greed and jealousy. She is often seen as a bit of a ditz- both in this comic, the comic with the "Chocolate Lab," and the majority of the sex related comics, but, as we've seen from the Halloween strips, she is actually quite intelligent, as she knows a lot about programming and working in web design. We know from the "Paths" series that Sue is definitely in love with Steve- that cannot be doubted- but I believe she also has a darker side that even she is afraid of confronting. The truth is, she IS somewhat greedy, and lazy. She either doesn't work, or works very little, as she is shown as being at home while Steve works in the "Dick Pics" comic, and Steve DOES have a stable- if not terribly LARGE- source of income in web design. This is part of what convinced Sue's parents to let him court her. The green is a paradox, both showing her harmony and caring for Steve, as she understands his weaknesses and is careful to be kind and caring for him, but also her greed and laziness in that she is content to be at home while Steve works. She is not a bad person by any stretch of the imagination, but she does have a prominent flaw that she fears will overtake her. She hates herself for this, and thus overcompensates in the romantic department of their relationship.

    Now that we know a bit more about Sue and Steve, let's dive into this actual comic. First, let's look at the computer's logo- a lemon with a bite out of the center. Clearly a parody of Apple computers, but I think it is more than that. "Lemon" is commonly used as an adjective to describe lewd activities, and that is exactly what Steve is watching/listening to- the saucy opening of a lewd video! (This in fact links to the previous comic I missed!) He believes he is home alone, or at least the only one awake. (Because who would start such an activity with someone else nearby?!) but almost as soon as he starts the video, before he can even get his hands in his pants, Sue shows up (As shown by the coffee, this is probably early in the morning. It is likely that Steve gets up earlier than Sue- because he has a job- and the viewing of lewd videos is doubtless part of his daily routine). He immediately clicks out of the tab (notice music is only playing in the first panel) and thinks up a quick (albeit ironic) explanation for what the music was. He does this because A) You don't want your SO to know you're watching lewd videos, and B) He is desperately afraid Sue would leave him if she found any fault in him whatsoever. She does, of course, believe him, as she is too obsessed with fear over her own faults to realize that Steve might have equally bad ones.

    The colors come next! (You didn't think I'd leave them out, did you?)
    Only one color aside from Blue and Green exist in this comic- Red, which is both the coffee cup and the Christian paraphernalia the Rock is wielding. This is because Sue secretly has a caffeine addiction- she often stays up late at night wracked with guilt because she feels she is taking advantage of Steve's money. Coffee is the only way she can make it through most days, and thus she subconsciously considers it her 'savior,' thus coloring the Christian objects in her imagination with the same color as the coffee.

    With three simple panels, Mr. Enzo expands upon these two lovable character's and their fights with their inner demons, while still creating an amusing joke that all can appreciate. I can't help but be reminded of Shakespeare, who wrote lewd jokes into even his most high-minded of plays in order to ensure all could gain entertainment from them.]

    Keep them coming!

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    The Artist looks far too much like Senator Armstrong.


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    No i don't smell what the lord is cooking. Is it drugs?If not is it sweets?

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    hahaha if only it where so cool as she imagines it 😀

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    Hell yeah! ,,,uhmmm I mean, Heaven yeah!!! :rockon:

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