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Sorry for the delay on the comic, guys.

I was writing a Game of Thrones joke and I was going for authenticity.

I promise this is the last Dog parody probably

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    at first, I was a bit nervous, and I didn't know what to expect. Now. My sides are gone.

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    Wait..Joffrey never married Sansa..

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    I only recall the original dog
    what other parodies are there

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    LOL! Fantastic work

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    Death am...sorta confused...I think

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    This was amazing. Shared it with my Students that watch the show and they couldn't stop laughing when I did my dramatic reading of it. Now they wanna make a comic like this too! 😀

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    'Lil Ham

    Excellent! A Game Of Thrones is one of my favorite series- though I've only read the books, never watched the show. Not a fan of nudity in games/shows/whatever. Call me a prude, but it's just a personal thing (and yes I have gone through puberty).

    Personal revelations aside, time to dive right into it!

    ***SPOILERS AHEAD (Probably)***


    Now since you read past the spoiler remarks, you should also be warned that I will be typing this assuming the reader has basic plot knowledge of A Game Of Thrones.

    Now in the first section, we see the characters of Robert, Cersei, Joffrey, and The Hound. Cersei and Joffrey are dressed in customary Lannister Red, since, as we readers/watchers know, Joffrey is actually 100% Lannister with no Baratheon blood. Robert, however, is definitely Baratheon, which has a color of yellow- so why is he clothed in red? Well, as you can see, he is not entirely red. His robe is red, but the rest of his clothes are grey, with a yellow belt. I believe with this, Mr. Enzo is making a statement about how King Robert is surrounded on all sides by the Lannister family, whether through Cersei, Tywin, or his 'children' that are actually Lannisters themselves.
    The yellow is not entirely gone, however. Both his belt, and Cersei's girdle are yellow. I believe that this is symbolic of how Robert uses his position as king to 'spread the Baratheon seed.' The fact that the belt is the only part of his clothing that is colored something other than grey or red shows that he has ceased to care about any of his other responsibilities- He is no longer the strong scion of House Baratheon that he used to be. Cersei's girdle being yellow is a result of Mr. Enzo's understanding that Cersei's only access to power and royalty is through her *cough* nether regions. Of course, since she is now technically a Baratheon, she should be wearing all yellow, but, as she hates Robert, I am sure she would chose to wear red at every opportunity.
    Most importantly, however, the crown is also yellow. Perhaps this is only because it is the customary color for crowns, but such an assumption is a grevious insult to Mr. Enzo's creative insight. The crown is in the name of House Baratheon, and thus should be colored yellow. The fact that Joffrey is dressed in totally red but with a yellow crown shows the mismatch of the two- how he is not Baratheon and thus should not fit with the crown.
    The Hound is dressed all gray to show his hatred for the house system- a sentiment expressed somewhat less subtly later on in the comic.

    The next thing that should be noted is that the comic is from Joffrey's perspective. This is intersting because Joffrey was never a POV character in the books, and is considering almost a universally evil character. This comic, however, shows Mr. Enzo's somewhat sympathtic feelings toward's Joffrey, and exhibits what Mr. Enzo feels was emotional and mental stunting at an early age due to his position in life, the relation between his mother and his supposed father, Robert, and his Uncle-Father, Jaime, and possibly genetic defects caused by incest. Notice how Joffrey dots his name with a heart in the title, and how he does not capitalize the 'I's throughout the comic.
    More evidence for my position that Mr. Enzo believes Joffrey was somewhat misunderstood:
    Book readers (And show watchers?) know that the butcher's boy, Micah, was innocent in any confrontation between himself and Joffrey, and Joffrey heartlessly ordered his death out of spite. But what if, as Mr. Enzo suggests with this comic, Joffrey actually feared for his life? Maybe some way in which the boy approached him, or some other stimulus in the scenario, set off some kind of extreme-hallucinatory-paranoia in Joffrey? Obviously what he did wasn't right, but maybe it was due to this kind of mental issue, rather than being purely evil. Maybe he thought he was truly defending himself, his city, and his kingdom by executing Ned Stark and shooting crossbows at street rioters. Whether or not he is correct, this shows that Mr. Enzo has a rare degree of empathy in that he can connect with even the most evil and spiteful characters in the world of fantasy. I salute you, dear sir.

    The main focus of this comic, is, however, the Hound. Here is where it gets REALLY fun.

    First, notice the Hound's speech bubbles. Look familiar? They should. They are nearly the exact same shade and pattern as Frank's. Mr. Enzo is drawing astounding parallels between the journey of the Hound and our beloved Frank- Don't believe me? You should. Here's why:
    The Hound and Frank have extremely similar personalities. Both very anti-social, hedonistic, and gruff to the point beyond rudeness. But they are both also very honest, and (maybe) good at heart. Not heroic, but not evil either. Even their journeys are similar. The Hound was just an innocent kid who wanted to grow up to be a knight, and so he played with his brother's toy- a model horseman. Gregor caught him, and shoved his face in the fire, and Sandor was never the same. He realized that good doesn't exist, but evil does. On the other hand, Frank desired a real, romantic relationship, but couldn't get it, and for a time, tried to help other people do the same, but was 'burned' by his father, who made fun of him an verbally abused him until he ended up the hard-hearted jerk he is today, composed of very similar opinions to the Hound- he preaches 'The Truth' off a roadside stand to spread his cynical, pessimistic worldview.
    In this comic the situation is slightly changed, starting where the Hound kills Sansa- which doesn't happen in the series. In this alternate universe Mr. Enzo has created, Sandor tried to hold onto his beliefs of knighthood and justice even after he was burned by Gregor. He protects Joffrey, but takes no joy in killing, and he is even sad when Joffrey refuses to look him in the eye. He believes the lies that Joffrey has convinced everyone- including, possibly, himself- are true, such as the butcher's boy being evil. It is only when Stannis reaches the gates of King's Landing (Which doesn't really happen, his armies are pretty much routed on the Blackwater) and Sandor views all the devastation- much of it caused by his young charge- and relearns the same harsh lesson taught to him by his older brother. He follows the same philosophy as Frank- 'Screw everything!' he lashed out, at his charge, at his acquantinces, at random strangers, but this does nothing to halt his pure anger at the world. Just like how Frank keeps spreading his 'Truth' but never feels any better about it. Here's the kicker though:

    The final scene. Hodor. The Giant. You know who else is known for being a giant in AGOT? Gregor Clegane, brother of the Hound. In the comic, Hodor is symbolic of Gregor, and how Sandor can never defeat him, or even seemingly affect him in any way. He is constantly in his brother's shadow, threatening to be crushed. But wait- there's more! Look at Hodor's speech bubble. Similar to the Hound's right? But less black and more grey. Do you know what character has a speech bubble similar to Frank, but more grey?

    Don't believe me?
    Example of Frank Sr.'s speech bubble:

    Example of Frank Jr,'s speech bubble:

    Even in the old style, when only the text is colored and not the bubbles themselves, Frank Sr's speech was still more grey thank Frank Jr's:

    Gregor and Sandor's relationship almost exactly mirrors Frank and his father, and just as Hodor here represents Sandor's inability to overcome his giant of a brother, it represents Frank's inability to overcome the influence of his father.

    You trick us into thinking this is just a comic, Mr. Enzo, but you make even a simple parody into so much more. As always, I look forward to the next update.

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    This is canon now. I dont care if george rr martin finishes the series ever, this is now how the story really ends.

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    LOL! Need to wait 5 years for the sequel