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    Esther Keihl

    I have been dealing with this “parasite” since February 2011. I recall taking my clothes out of the dryer (apt. building) and seeing what looked like lint and cat fur all over my clothes. Unfortunately instead of washing them again I took them to my apartment and assume that is when it all started.I have used almost every product I could find to get rid of them. After two 2 plus years of using moisturizer all over my body and scalp I decided to use medicated foot powder (ingredients-Menthol 1.0, non medicated ingredients-Talc Sodium Bicarbonate, Acacia, Benzethonium Chloride, EucalyptusOil Peppermint Oil) I would put in my shoes , all over my body, scalp too. Well is seems to work well so far. Observing when these things seem to come alive is when it is humid out so I concluded they like moisture. My skin could shred cheese so I think they suck moisture out of your body. I seem to have aged overnight. Light brown spots which sometimes can be removed, cuts that don’t heal well and when they do the blood is black. Even rubbing my skin with mineral oil will bring out black stuff???For the car, carpets and furniture I vacuum well and then spray heavily with scotch guard. For clothing I spray with starch and flea spray for homes, not pets. That helps for awhile. Vacuuming is very important. I put my clothes-unwashed – on the highest setting on the dryer for an hour. Pillows and any item that can’t be washed. Staying away from cotton sheets and clothing helps. It’s cost me a fortune in lost clothing and bedding. I have left blankets in my car over winter and in the heat of summer and still these “things’ come alive when you use them.What the heck is this and like most already know , don’t mention to a doctor that something is biting you or you feel a crawling sensation. All doctors I have been referred to (ENT, dermatologist, even a neurologist) seem to already “know” that I suffer from “delusional parasitosis”. (I assume a note from my family doctor says this to them) In the end you will end up with a psychiatrist because you will be deemed crazy!It’s a nightmare. I see these little lint balls in clothing stores too so it’s coming from somewhere.My next plan is to take my “gatherings” I have in zip lock bags to the vet and say I found these on my pets sleeping area…. Anyway still hanging in but I don’t stay at anyone’s home anymore and social life has become none existent.I guess we will get the help we need when the rich get these nasty things… To all the doctors who said I should see a psychiatrist I will drop a few of these things off at your office next time around…how about that eh?

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    With this I start to have trust issues.

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    Lot a patience required there man. Not for everyone. To be reincarnated all those times.

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    Bar the hair, she has some pretty nice legs.

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    Rule34 totally ruined.

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    Well this already made the to imgur's "Most Viral".
    No links at the bottom, but they kept it in the comic without cropping so... win?
    Da Link

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    i call bs, no cat goes on walks next to their owner. They will run ahead, sit down, and meow at you to hurry up

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    Who body-sat your body while you were all busy reincarnating?