CUEK #550

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    Enzo, you need to bring back Zeke and Frank's crazy adventures. Not saying the whole Steve and Susan thing is bad but Zeke and Frank (and Frank's dad and red and purple) are what got people hooked.

    But your comics are awesome bro. Keep the good work.

    Last but not least, don't forget to bring back deez nuts! (Ha! GOT EM!!)

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      Haha! I totally understand, man. Thank you so much. Honestly, there are a couple of reasons you've been seeing a lot more of Sue & Steve lately.

      The comic has almost always reflected what is going on in my life, and Zeke & Frank originally represented the voice of chaos vs the voice of reason in my head. Nowadays I guess my life is now more "stable", and because of it, you're getting way more relationship comics. Zeke & Frank jokes are getting harder and harder to write because.. I guess there isn't that much conflict in my life anymore. My partner has actually noticed this and she asked me once if she needs to break up with me so I can start writing like I used to 🙂

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      So are u and Kim still together?

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    that's where he gets the energy for all the 'fun' they have together, all stored in that large keg, yes, it's a keg, there is much more volume than a six pack

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    This explains why he didn't have a shirt on in the last comic.