CUEK #517

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    Chris P. Bacon

    wow, really *flashing* your position as *back end* developer.

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    Kim’s your gf right? Cool Easter egg

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    That Helvetica joke is pretty clever

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    oh so that's not Sue

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    Some Random Guy

    I'm really liking this story arch, as opposed to a one-off. However, I would still hope to see Frank and Zeke at some point down the line.

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    Is it just me, or does Roofer seem like his nose is the only thing stopping him from having a unibrow? It's like his eyebrows want to be together, but the two are forever separated by the obstacle known as 'El Nose Gigantimo"

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    I won't miss Flash when it's gone, but what will happen to all the cool animations and games that were really popular years (or a decade) ago?
    It would be an incredible amount of talent, humor and creativity down the drain, if it's just gone forever.
    In fact, one of the most interesting "games" I played was a flash game.

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      I'm right there with you. Flash will always have a special place in my heart. HTML5 is in no way as easy to pick up as Flash was back in the day. I hope in the next few years this changes, but I don't expect it to.

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        Many a game does hold a special place in my heart too. But flash did ultimately devolve from a tool to create cool interactive features, animations and games for the internet and a creative weapon people could use to bring their ideas and visions to life, to a weapon of mass spam, annoying ads and countless cookie cutter games to piss off the public and make a quick buck.

        Most of the games and animations we love aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Many of them have been archived (on sites like anyway. It's fair to assume people will keep playing them for nostalgia, They may even become a source of retro interest for hipster generations to come.