CUEK #733

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    M. Hikari a person who , IRL , has a kind Unique name (in my native language , and no , is not Japanese like my ID is) , I just feel to say this......... PLEASE DON'T give your kid a unique name. WE(well , at least myself) are so tired and annoyed from explaining how to spell or pronounce OUR name.
    (Just saying , 9 out of 10 teacher and professors pronounce MY name , which is actually not that rare but just using a more old fashion spelling , wrong at the first day of class.....and the score is 10 out of 10 , if we only count the teacher/professors who TEACH THIS EXACT LANGUAGE that my name is spelled in.)

    BTW , my future kids will surly HATE me......because their dumbass dad here will name they after anime there will very easy to name my kid in three different language(Just because I WANT TO) , all in common words.....A. my native language , B. Japanese (as nickname) , and C. English (which is for English classes (I'm going to do it before their teacher did) , and was pronounced the same way Japanese name is.....which may or may not make people assume them were form Japan , if we ever go to oversea.)

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    I bet the baby was late like 2 weeks

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